This past weekend, we provided services for a wedding at the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club.  One of the services that we provided for the couple’s special day was white ceiling draping for the reception area. As shown below, the draping at the Kiwanis Club in Hermosa Beach added a decorative vibe to the room, and helped to conceal some of the inconsistencies that were visible on the ceiling.

When a room has many different fixtures on the ceiling or has an appearance that is not very appealing, it is very common for drapery to be added so the ceiling looks more elegant, and attractive.  In addition to just having multiple swags of fabric hung throughout the room, there is also the option of covering the entire ceiling from wall to wall with the white draping.  This method creates a complete blank slate for our clients to work with, and it enables them to completely transform the room into the vision that they are looking for.  Draping is a very effective way to completely mask any imperfections that you want to cover to ensure that the room looks exactly how you imagine it would look.