Our wedding this past weekend took place at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, where we provided wedding DJ services, zaffe dancers, and decor lighting.  The picture below illustrates the beautiful results of our decor lighting, including soft amber uplighting and centerpiece pinspot lighting.


The grand entrance was embelished with our zaffe dancers for this Arab wedding.  However the choreagraphy was specifically tailored to suite this Egyptian wedding with Saidi dance styles and costumes.  The photo below showcases the dancers following the grand entrance for their first dance set.

egyptian saidi dancers

Our second dance set was comprised exclusively of male Saidi dancers and drummers, and at close watch by the intrigued bride and groom.

Male Saidi Dancers

The Egyptian dance show was wrapped up with our Saidi stick dancer as juggled and artfully spun the sticks to the upbeat music, as guests clapped and cheered throughout.


The night was culturally immersifying for the Egyptian and American guests and followed up with dancing until 1am, which is quite remarkable for a Sunday night wedding!