MC Tehran and Cody, our lighting tech, headed to a wedding at the chic and snazzy SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. We brought the MC services and sound rental.

This modern wedding began with an outdoor ceremony. Large, angled mirrors around the patio added a feeling of great space, in an already roomy area.


The cocktail hour was held in a lounge environment with fuchsia accented uplighting. The reception was in a wide ballroom that gave everyone a good line of sight to the couple’s tables and the dance floor as speeches were delivered.


Now for the reception, usually the first item on the menu is a salad. When MC Tehran introduced the first dish as soup, some people laughed—thinking it was a joke! As the wait staff brought out soup, there were many surprised looks. The soup was delicious and the guests were not disappointed.


And when the open bar started getting busy, the dance floor also got really full. Coincidence? Definitely not!