Not all gigs start off smoothly! We had a rough start to the day, as many of the streets of downtown Pasadena were closed due to the marathon. We made it to the Westin Pasadena eventually to set up for the wedding in the Fountain Ballroom with plenty of time to spare.

We provided the music, supplemented the sound, brought decor lighting and surprised the bride and groom with a violinist for the reception. The ceremony was beautiful with a pleasant climate. Mid-ceremony the hotel speakers actually got shut off but it was barely noticeably since we had supplemented our speakers in the venue.

Bahai Wedding DJ at Westin in Pasadena

Cocktail hour took place in the foyer of the Fountain Ballroom. Although the bride and groom opted out of having music, we took it upon ourselves to entertain the guests with music during this transition period with lounge-y Buddha Bar music. It was a perfect recipe for getting the guests excited and ready for the reception.

The ballroom was very simple before setup, however with the white dance floor and our elegant decor lighting, the space transformed.

Packed Dance Floor for a Bahai Wedding in Pasadena

As it was a Bahai wedding, no alcohol was served, yet the crowd was so vibrant that they danced non-stop until late in the evening. Of course, credit goes to the fun guests, exciting intelligent dance lighting, DJO’s tactful song selection and our violinist’s artistic musical embellishment.

Wedding Violinist for Los Angeles Weddings

Wedding dance floor