This stunning Persian / American wedding was held at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Hotel in Huntington Beach, CA. We brought our Orange County DJ, MC, and the wedding band with ourviolinist and saxophonist. We also had the pleasure of bringing the decor lighting to this venue with uplighting and gobo lighting and recording the evening with our cinematographer.

Decor lighting

This was our first wedding featuring our new Crystal Columns, which are 14 feet illuminated chandeliers. They drew a lot of attention for the guests who walked up to them, wide-eyed. Plus, they made a stunning backdrop for the guests to take photos in front of.

Crystal Columns

As this was a Persian / American wedding in Orange County, we delicately selected music to entertain the Americans and the Persians, young and old. The guests were blown away by our musicians.


Our band appeared during the first dance set and played alongside DJO. The crowd admiringly watched and listened to our violinist as she played to Persian and American music. Later they stood in awe at our saxophonist as he and our violinist played in duet. It was truly spectacular!

Live band

The guests were so enthralled by the live band that they honored with us applause at the end of the night! We were flattered to be the first people for the bride and groom to thank, even before they bid farewell to their guests.

American Persian Wedding