So, you are thinking of having a summer wedding? In California, summer is a beautiful time of the year to have an outdoor wedding, but it can also be a bit complicated with the hot weather. I have compiled some strategies and tips that will ensure that your summer wedding runs flawlessly!

  1. Remember to keep your guests’ cool- perhaps choose an indoor/outdoor location, where there is a fabulous ballroom and an outside terrace so your guests can get the best of both worlds.
  2. Serve a lot of ice water throughout your reception, and top each glass off with a slice of fruit (Lemon wedge, Strawberry, Lime Wedge, Berries). You can pick something that coordinates with the colors of your wedding!
  3. Whenever possible, use natural shading. It is the most cost-effective way to make sure your guests remain comfortable.
  4. If there are going to be chairs placed in direct sunlight, make sure they have cushions, or invest in fabric slip covers. Your guests want to be able to sit down, enjoy the ceremony and reception, and not worry about how insanely hot their seat is!
  5. Think about what kind of food you will be serving. For hot days, light and fresh meals are better to serve rather than heavy dinners.
  6. For your wedding dress, choose a breathable material.
  7. Bring sunscreen, and suggest that your guests do the same.
  8. Snd for BRIDES, make sure to try to keep a bag with you or near you at all times, containing all the essentials you need for touch-ups; anything from make-up, to perfume and deodorant.

No one can precisely predict how the weather will be or how everything will turn out; the best we can do is prepare. With the right preparation, we have the best chance of having success. With the tips from up above, and all of your creative ideas, your wedding is sure to be a success!