In Los Angeles, there are so many different wedding entertainment options, that it may be hard to choose from all the different options. From DJs, Bands, to live musicians, how do you know which ones to hire? Well, you have to consider all of the different factors before hiring your wedding entertainment. For instance, what is your budget, do you want live entertainment, and what is the energy of your wedding? Music is considered a vital part of any wedding; from the ceremony processional all the way to the end of the reception; it is the key factor that keeps the guests entertained and engaged throughout the night. Making sure that you take the right steps to hire professional and quality wedding entertainment is crucial in making certain that your big day is sure to be a success. So the question is; how do you know whether to hire a DJ, or a DJ band with live musicians for your wedding?


A DJ is the most common form of entertainment at any wedding. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles wedding DJ is the most affordable way to make sure that your event is thoroughly entertained. Most professional wedding DJs are able to provide music for all parts of the wedding, including ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception portion. A great advantage to having a DJ at your wedding is that you can choose virtually any song that you wish because a DJ has access to a huge database. If you are hiring a qualified and well-seasoned wedding DJ, then that person will be able to read the crowds energy and play songs that will hype up the crowd and make sure that people will stay on the dance floor for as long as possible. However, the important thing to keep in mind is to always hire a professional and experienced wedding DJ. In Los Angeles many people claim to be wedding DJs, although most of their experience has been with clubs and parties. To be a wedding DJ takes a certain amount of skill and you should find someone with years of experience to be certain that your wedding goes off without a hitch. A qualified wedding DJ will put your mind to ease after the first conversation and let you know that their planning process is thorough, and it is their number one priority to make your vision come to life. Finding the right wedding DJ that fits all of your needs may take some time, by there are so many advantages to having an experienced wedding DJ rather than a party DJ.


Another option many people consider is having a DJ Band, which is comprised of a DJ, musicians, and a vocalist, depending on the client’s preference. A wedding DJ band is suitable for larger weddings that are looking for both the interactive experience of musicians, and the high energy music of a DJ. Some people may ask why should you have a DJ band as opposed to a live band for a wedding? A DJ band is much less expensive than a 5 to 10 piece band, and it brings a higher energy for all of your guests. With a DJ band, you have the opportunity to request certain songs that you would like played, which makes for a more personal experience. A live band is more appropriate if you have a certain genre that you would like played all night, but a DJ band can bring more diversity and the musicians interact with guests on the dance floor throughout the evening!

The steps to hire wedding entertainment can vary; but the important thing is to do your research and make sure that your entertainment is experienced with weddings and can listen to your needs. Preferably you want to see a DJ or band perform before you hire them to make sure that they can deliver what you are looking for. You want to be certain that they are the right fit for both you and all of your guests. Also, it would be beneficial to look at reviews from past clients in order to ensure that they have performed successfully at their previous events. Testimonials from past clients are a great way for you to see what the DJ or band has to offer, and to see if there is any important details that you need to know prior to booking them. See below for videos of both our DJ and DJ band performing at past weddings to get a glimpse of the entertainment that Dashing Events has to offer!